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Installing the project


These docs are in the very early stages of being worked on. Nothing is finished in the project yet, but I wanted to get my thoughts out about it here in the docs for me to reference later.

  • Clone the repo from GitHub using: git clone
  • cd into the directory you just created, static-gen-ruby
  • Open up your terminal and run gem install static-gen
  • The CLI will then install all the necessary gems as dependencies to the project.

Additional gems

You would need to add your gems to a Gemfile, no extension, like so:

source ''

gem 'rails', '5.0.0'
gem 'rack-cache', require: 'rack/cache'
gem 'nokogiri', '~> 1.4.2'

This snippet is just an example, PLEASE DON'T COPY, PASTE, AND USE IN THIS PROJECT! This is just sample code to illustrate how to write to a Gemfile.

Open your terminal again. Make sure you have Bundler installed, which you can install either from Homebrew or with this command:

gem install bundler --user-install

This command isn't necessary if Ruby 3 is already installed on your system as Ruby 3 installs bundler for you.

Once you have bundler installed and all the dependencies in the Gemfile, all you need to run is bundle and all the extra dependencies are installed for you. Easy peasy.